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More than 26 thousand new small businesses were created in 2014

In 2014 work on the creation of a favorable business environment and investment climate, improvement of the legal and regulatory framework, the elimination of unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative procedures for doing business was continued.

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The World Bank delegation visit

A World Bank delegation headed by Mark Woodward, the Lead Expert in Social Development has visited Uzbekistan on issues of cooperation in the sphere of social and labor relations.

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The Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan Hosted an Official Event Dedicated to the 574th Birthday Anniversary of the Great Poet

The spiritual heritage of Alisher Navoi plays a huge role in enhancing the spirituality of our people, especially the younger generations, respect for the native language. In this regard, our country pays great attention to the wide use of the poet's works in the education of youth as harmoniously developed personalities.

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Uzbekistan Airways turns 23

Nowadays, many airlines across the globe have found themselves in a predicament. The crisis has taken its toll on the work of low-cost airlines, while forcing major players to slash ticket prices to lure customers aboard underloaded flights. That said, aircraft giants Boeing and Airbus posted record sales in 2014, having delivered 723 and 629 airliners respectively. Moreover, they have reported orders for 1,432 and 1,456 airplanes, respectively, for the future. The explanation for the disparity is quite simple: the crisis pushes inefficient companies out of the market, thereby presenting unique growth opportunities to other companies. Experts rate Uzbekistan Airlines among the favorites as within a relatively short period the company has managed not just to carve out a niche in a tough and competitive market, but also to outstrip rivals in many respects.

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Over 10,100 businesses registered via Internet

Over 10,100 business entities were registered in Uzbekistan via Internet in 104, the session of the Central Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan said.

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Uzbek banks emit 13.45m banking cards

Commercial banks of Uzbekistan as of January 1 2015 issued over 13.449 million banking payment cards, which rose by 21.52% year-on-year.

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The stages of formation and development of civic institutions in Uzbekistan

After Uzbekistan gained independence in 1991, large-scale changes were initiated for the main purpose of building a democratic State, based on the rule of law with a socially oriented market economy, and forming a strong civil society.

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What Alisher Navoi Wrote About…

A new perspective on the eminent poet’s oeuvre.

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