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Uzbekistan attaches particular importance to its spiritual heritage

Uzbekistan has been attaching importance to spirituality issues as a factor of success of national revival and progress.

The term itself has been widely used in official documents, scientific literature and press. We talk about spiritual wealth, spiritual foundations of independence, but, unfortunately, about the lack of spirituality too. What is behind the popular term?

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Vital factors of economic growth in Uzbekistan

Among a number of essential factors behind a rapid pace of economic development in the Republic of Uzbekistan, many experts point to diversification and increased competitiveness of the national economy as a result of modernization and large-scale introduction of modern technologies and equipment. A given strategy was worked out and launched immediately after the proclamation of the country’s independence.

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Introduction of the corporate management principles in Uzbekistan based on the advanced world experience

One of the significant areas of reform programs, structural transformations and diversification of the economy in 2015-2019 is to ensure the reliable protection of private entrepreneurship and small business interests, increasing the role of private ownership and advancing reduction of state presence in the economy.

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Glorification of peace, well-being and prosperity

The National Park of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi hosted celebrations dedicated to the national holiday Navruz.

Navruz - an invaluable heritage of our ancestors, since time immemorial embodying the best national values and traditions of our people, their good intentions and aspirations, during the years of independence has become a truly national holiday which all our fellow citizens regardless of nationality, language and religion are looking forward to.

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Eco-Tourism in Uzbekistan: Opportunities and Prospects

Boriy Alihanov, Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan:

“In recent years, the country’s eco-tourism has seen a significant boom. The exotic nature of our region, with its striking contrasts, rich landscape, the variety of flora and fauna attracts many tourists from different countries.

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Healthy mother – healthy generation

A solemn ceremony, dedicated to the International Women’s Day, was held at the Turkiston Palace on 5 March.

It is symbolic that the the Women’s day is celebrated in the first days of spring. Spring is beautiful as women.

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Techno parks in Tashkent

Tashkent has set an ambitious goal to grow into an advanced center of innovative industrial development. On the way towards the goal, the municipality has been attaching importance to the establishment of specialized industrial technology parks that would push a new format of industrialization, as well as continue building support for small business and private entrepreneurship. The Head of the Yakkasaroy Industrial Park Administration, Rustam Nuraliev, introduced Uzbekistan Today to the prospects of development of industrial parks in Tashkent:

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Uzbekistan supports business and private enterprises

In the first two months of 2016, the Fund for Support of Exports of Small Businesses and Private Enterprises has helped 284 business entities to deliver their goods and services to foreign markets. As a result, they signed export contracts for $90 million.

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