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Bilateral trade

Trade-economic cooperation

Commodity circulation
According to the agreement "On bilateral external economic cooperation" most favorable conditions were established in bilateral trade between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Austrian Republic.

The Uzbek-Austrian trade and economic relations are characterized by the following parameters:

in mln US dollars

Years                                               2000                         The first half-year
Commodity circulation                  43,3                                       22,7
Export                                             30,5                                       16,9
Import                                             12,7                                        5,7

Actions for developing trade-economic relations

On September 8, 1998, a conference on "Economic days of Uzbekistan" was held by the support of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Austria. During the visit of (June, 2000) the Austrian delegation, headed by the General Director on external-economic relations of the Ministry of economy and work - I. Zayas, the first session of Joint Uzbek-Austrian Commission on trade and economic cooperation was organized, which resulted in signing a protocol.

In June, 2001. The visit of the Uzbek delegation to Austria for participation in the second meeting of the Joint Uzbek-Austrian Commission on trade and economic cooperation.

In June, 2002. The visit of the delegation of business circles of Austria, headed by the Vice-President of Federal Economic Chamber - A. Mozer to Uzbekistan and in the course of visit was organized joint business Ц seminar.

The enterprises with Austrian investment and accredited representations of firms.

30 enterprises, created with the Austrian capital are working in the Republic of Uzbekistan and 7 out of them are enterprises with the 100 per cent of Austrian investment. 14 Austrian firms are accredited in Uzbekistan.