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Mutual relations

Uzbek-Austria relations

I. Cooperation in political sphere

The Austrian Republic recognized the Republic of Uzbekistan as an independent state on January 15, 1992. Diplomatic relations were established on March 25, 1992. In May, 1993 Mr.H.Gjurer, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Austria (with a residence in Vienna) was accredited in Uzbekistan. Since January, 1994, the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been functioning in Vienna.

Official Visits

In the development of Uzbek-Austrian relations the visit of the Uzbek President I.Karimov to the Austrian Republic on September 18-20, 1992 played a significant role.
In August, 1995, the governmental delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, headed by the Deputy Prime-minister, the Minister of external economic relations - U. T. Sultanov, was to Austria.
The presentation of the German and American authors LLevitin and D.KarlajlТs book "Islam Karimov - the president of new Uzbekistan" has taken place in March, 1996 in Vienna. 100 representatives of political, business and public circles of Austria and also the Uzbek delegation, led by the State Adviser of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan attended at the presentation.
Visit of the delegation of business circles representatives of Austria and Germany led by the ex-chancellor of Austria F.Vrannski took place in November, 1998.
Visit of A.Kamilov, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, took place in July, 1999, to headquarters of the OSCE.
In November, 1999, the visit of delegation of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Austria to Uzbekistan, headed by the State Secretary B.Ferrero-Valzdner.
In June, 2000, B. Ferrero-Valdner, the Austrian Foreign Affairs Minister, visited Uzbekistan as working chairman of +ST+.
In July, 2000, the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs - A.Kamilov visited Austria.
B. Kranskogo's Forum "for the international dialogue" devoted to the Republic of Uzbekistan was carried out in October 2001, in Vienna. Within the framework of the presentation of the Uzbek President's book "Uzbekistan in the threshold of the XXI century: threats of safety, conditions and guarantees of progress", and also "the round table" on a modern sociopolitical and economic life of Uzbekistan was organized. The President of the forum, the former Federal Chancellor of Austria - F. Vranshidki, and representatives of political, public and business circles of Austria took part at the presentation. The delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, headed by the Minister of Foreign Economic Relations E. M. Ganiev, also attended at the presentation.
On November 2, 2001. B. Ferrero-Valdner, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Austria visited Uzbekistan.
On December 10-12, 2001, visit of I.Karimov of Uzbekistan to Austria.
On May 6-14, 2002, during her visit the Authorized representative of Oliy Majlis (Uzbek Parliament) on human rights - S. Rashidova met with Austrian Management of the European Institute of Ombudsmen, Austrian Board of Ombudsmen, the Parliament, the Constitutional court and the Ministry of Justice.
On May 16, 2003, visit of the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs of Austria - E. Shtrasser to Uzbekistan.

II. Trade-economic cooperation
Commodity circulation
According to the agreement "On bilateral external economic cooperation" most favorable conditions were established in bilateral trade between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Austrian Republic.

The Uzbek-Austrian trade and economic relations are characterized by the following parameters:

in mln US dollars

Years                                               2000                         The first half-year
Commodity circulation                  43,3                                       22,7
Export                                             30,5                                       16,9
Import                                             12,7                                        5,7

Actions for developing trade-economic relations

On September 8, 1998, a conference on "Economic days of Uzbekistan" was held by the support of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Austria. During the visit of (June, 2000) the Austrian delegation, headed by the General Director on external-economic relations of the Ministry of economy and work - I. Zayas, the first session of Joint Uzbek-Austrian Commission on trade and economic cooperation was organized, which resulted in signing a protocol.

In June, 2001. The visit of the Uzbek delegation to Austria for participation in the second meeting of the Joint Uzbek-Austrian Commission on trade and economic cooperation.

In June, 2002. The visit of the delegation of business circles of Austria, headed by the Vice-President of Federal Economic Chamber - A. Mozer to Uzbekistan and in the course of visit was organized joint business Ц seminar.

The enterprises with Austrian investment and accredited representations of firms.

30 enterprises, created with the Austrian capital are working in the Republic of Uzbekistan and 7 out of them are enterprises with the 100 per cent of Austrian investment. 14 Austrian firms are accredited in Uzbekistan.

III. Cooperation in cultural-humanitarian spheres

Bilateral cooperation in the sphere of culture has developed actively in recent years.

The Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan through the mediation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held an exhibition of the Austrian artists (Kobas, Fromner, Vaske, etc.) in Tashkent in March, 1997.

Austrian film companies took part in the XII Tashkent International Film festival in May 1997 and in August 1997 and 1999 - in international music festival "Sharq taronalari" in Samarkand.

In August, 2001, there was a creative group of Austrian national TV-broadcasting company "ORF" for carrying out shootings of festival "Sharq taronalari" and celebratory actions for tenth anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan.

In October, 2001. The festival of retrospective shows devoted to cinematography of Central Asian countries was held by the management of Viennese International Film festival. 7 Uzbek films were selected for participation in festival .

Austrian party actively support on studying German language in the higher educational institutions of the Republic. In 1997 linguistic and art books in German language were granted to the Uzbek State University of World Languages. In the University was organized reading room on Austrian literature.

By the initiation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, several joint projects in the area of higher education, envisaging of participation of universities of Uzbekistan and Austria in frameworks of educational programs and scientific and technical exchange are worked over.

Every year employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan are sent in training courses of the Viennese Diplomatic Academy.

In the last years there were organized a number of international conferences and forums, devoted to Central Asia, including "Central Asia and Islam", "International Christian-Islam round table", "Central Asia: the past, the present and the future" by the Austrian side.

Scientific and technical cooperation
In January 2000 GKNT of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the National Bureau of International Technical Cooperation and the Center for public innovations held seminar on the subject of "Innovation systems of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Austria; opportunities of interaction".

In April, 2000 in Austria was formed a special consortium to cooperate with Uzbekistan in the sphere of renewed energy sources, which included a number of Austrian companies and banks.

During few years the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Institute of electronics, Institute of genetics and experimental biology) are carrying out cooperation with the Viennese Technical University. In July 2001, during the visit of delegation of the Austrian Academy of Sciences was signed the Memorandum on mutual understanding between Academies of Sciences of Uzbekistan and Austria.