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Tashkent discusses development of renewable energy

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Tashkent hosted a roundtable on 28 February 2012, which was dedicated to perspectives of development of alternative and renewable energy in Uzbekistan.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, Ecologic Movement of Uzbekistan and Association of Enterprises of Alternative Fuel and Energy organized the event.

The event was attended by representative of enterprises and scientific establishments, which work in the sector, international organizations and mass media.

It was noted that currently reserves of natural gas is decreasing in the world and the international community is paying attention to expansion of use of alternative and renewable energy and fuel. In recent years, experience of Germany, USA, Denmark, Netherland, Japan, South Korea, China and other countries on use of solar and wind energy is studied in detailed.

Uzbekistan has significant opportunities in alternative energy. Uzbekistan has over 300 sunny days a year and solar energy can be used effectively. Uzbekistan also has windy territories, which allows to develop wind energy facilities.

It was noted that Uzbekistan is not using alternative energy fully. Uzbekistan is not working on search and introduction of alternative sources of energy.

Uzbekistan has several enterprises, which produce solar and wind energy facilities, but their capacities are very small.

It was said that Uzbekistan has all opportunities to produce solar and wind energy facilities. In particular, Uzbekistan and the Asian Development Bank signed a memorandum on creation of International Solar Energy Institute, which will allow Uzbekistan to gain experience in the area.

Navoiazot in cooperation with Southern Korean partners are working on launch of capacities on production of silicon, which is used in production of solar energy modules.

Participants noted that it is necessary to speed up use of experience of Uzbekistan and foreign state in use of renewable and alternative energy and fuel, strengthen cooperation among scientific establishments and production companies.

At the end of the seminar, participants developed recommendations on development of renewable and alternative energy in Uzbekistan.