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FIEZ “Navoi”.

The State on a Monitor Screen

Today, many countries’ governments are trying to use more innovative and efficient channels of communication with their citizens – to be able to quickly and adequately respond to their needs and settle existing problems. The traditional ways of the state-population communication have proved to be more dependent on human factors and less efficient than the new e-government systems that are getting more and more popular worldwide.

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Most of us imagine Vietnam as an exotic and mysterious tourist destination appealing to thousands of guests from around the world. However, the country boasts a smoothly running economic machine, which has produced striking results within the last 20 years. The key to Vietnam’s economic success is the policy that cashes in the following principles: attraction of foreign investments, introduction of modern technologies and innovations, and promotion of private enterprise.

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Together We Overwhelm Challenges

One of the several phases of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange in Tashkent is over. The companies participating in the fair at this stage represent the agricultural, agro-processing, water resource management, consumer goods production, IT and telecommunications sectors of the country’s economy.

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Less Taxes, More Investments

Contemporary globalised world stirs competitiveness between companies. To be successful in both domestic and foreign markets one should develop, monitor the latest trends, attract investments and new technologies. Though, this is incomplete winning formula. State taxation policy that stands as the principal mechanism for the business initiatives stimulus is one of the key facets.

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Building on Peace and Cohesion in the National Advancement and Prosperity

Initiated by President Islam Karimov, the 9th of May is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan as the Day of Memory and Reverence, as a national holiday.

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FRIDAY MAY 9, 2014





Glorifying the Motherland and Independence

The national literature is instrumental in nurturing a comprehensively advanced, highly ethical-spiritual, independently thinking individual dedicated to the humanistic ideas. Issues in the further promotion of culture and the well-deserved encouragement of the work of its representatives, including the creativity of literary people, are being attached with constant and immense significance under the leadership of President Islam Karimov. The memory of those who have fallen but made a huge input into the development of national literature is approached with reverence and honor.

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Chinese investors implement six projects at SIZ Jizzakh

Chinese companies are planning to implement six projects in textile industry in the territory of the special industrial zone “Jizzakh” in Uzbekistan by the end of 2015.

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