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FIEZ “Navoi”.

The volume of cargo transported in Uzbekistan during the first half made up 637.4 million tons

In January-June 2014, the volume of cargo transported through all types of transport made up 637.4 mln. tons. that is 104.6% to the level of January-June 2013. However, the cargo turnover made 40.2 or to the level of January-June 2013 – 102.5%.

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The development of tourist infrastructure in the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Khorezm province

Today tourism is a vital component of economy in many countries. Uzbekistan is no exception. Developing this industry of the national economy constitutes one of the priority tasks of the Republic’s state policy.

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Meeting with a Delegation from the Republic of Korea

A meeting has taken place at the State Committee for Privatization, De-monopolization and Development of Competition of the Republic of Uzbekistan with officials from the Republic of Korea. 

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Uzbekistan uses investments for US$6.7bn in 1H

Uzbekistan used investment into fixed capital for US$6.7 billion in US dollar equivalent in the first half of 2014, which rose by 12.8% year-on-year.

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From the Bank to the Counter

Uzbekistan has seriously expanded its capacity with regard to fruits, vegetables and food production in recent years. The progress has been largely determined by the support banks rendered to businesses and farms through special preferential credit resources for the introduction of mini-technologies and advanced processing equipment, drip irrigation systems, purchase of agricultural machinery, fertilizers and seeds. In the last five years alone, the country’s commercial banks have loaned four trillion soums to the foodstuff producers. (Currency rates of CB from 19.09.2014 1$= 2359.56 soums)

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Number of economically active population reaches 13.4m people

Number of economically active population of Uzbekistan averaged 13.406 million persons or 43.8% of the total population, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

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international conference: “Development of cooperation in the Aral Sea to mitigate consequences of enviRonmental catastrophe”

Urgench to host conference on Aral Sea Problems

Urgench will host an international conference “Development of cooperation in the Aral Sea Basin to mitigate consequences of environmental catastrophe” on 28-29 October 2014.

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Modernization of Qizilqum Phosphorite Plant is continuing

Uzbekistan continues ramping up its industrial capacity through commissioning new manufacturable objects focused on import substitution. Under these processes, Navoi Mining and Smelting Plant has completed a project on modernization and expansion of production at Qizilqum Phosphorite Plant.

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