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FIEZ “Navoi”.

Contest among Musicians of Folk Instruments

The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan has hosted an official award ceremony of the victors and winners of international contest of folk instrument players “Ona Yurt Ohanglari” (Melodies of the Native Land). 

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At the Same Time and on the Same Venue

The current global economy is increasingly becoming hostage to geopolitical turbulences, despite the fact that the global financial and economic crisis is far from being overcome. The present situation in the world has forced many countries to reconsider their priorities in industrial policy and embark on the path of economic modernization, where Uzbekistan is no longer a novice. The country's position is simple. In the conditions of uncertainty and pointlessness of making forecasts; there is a need to have a clearly built development strategy based primarily on internal resources like import substitution and localization, stimulation of domestic demand, and support for the real economy sector.

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Addressing Aral Issues as Pressing Challenge

An international conference is due October 28-29 in Urgench to discuss cooperation in the region of the Aral Sea basin in order to weather the impact of an environmental catastrophe. UzA reporters have had a conversation with some of its participants. 

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The volume of deposits in commercial banks of Uzbekistan amounted to 26.8 trillion soums

For the first 9 months of 2014, the volume of deposits in commercial banks of Uzbekistan in comparison with the figures of the corresponding period last year grew by 30.4 percent, and at the start of the fourth quarter of the current year amounted to 26.8 trillion soums. (Currency rates of CB from 29.10.2014 1$= 2383.98 soums)

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International Conference on the Aral Sea Problems Opens in Urganch

Urganch, Khorazm Region, hosts October 28 – 29, 2014 the International Conference ‘Development of Cooperation in Aral Sea Region to Temper the Impacts of Ecological Disaster.’

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Chinese Firm to Start Produce Cables at FIEZ Navoi

Foreign company Gulf Cable Trading Company (China) founded Foreign Enterprise Navoi Cable Connector LLC at Free Industrial-Economic Zone Navoi.

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Aggregate Capital of Uzbek Banks Hits 6.6 trln. soums

As of 1 October 2014, the aggregate capital of banks of Uzbekistan reached 6.6 trillion soums. This was announced at the expanded session of the Board of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, dedicated to results of the activities of the banking system in nine months of 2014. (Currency rates of CB from 28.10.2014 1$= 2383.98 soums)

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Uzbek Film Won a Prize of the International Children's Film Festival "Slinger -2014"

Feature film for children "Unutma meni" ("Do not forget me") of known Uzbek filmmaker Camara Kamalova won the "Audience Award" at the XIX international film festival for children and young people "Singel-2014", which took place in Chemnitz (Germany).

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