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FIEZ “Navoi”.

People inhabited Uzbekistan’s territory as long ago as the Stone Age

In August 2013, the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan and the Museum of the University of Tokyo entered into an agreement on cooperation in the study of the archaeological sites of the Stone Age.

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International cooperation

His Excellency Mr. Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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"Uzbekenergo" for the first half-year produced 23 billion kWh of electricity

"Uzbekenergo" State Joint-Stock Company summarized the work for the first half of 2014. Thus, according to the company, the growth rate of production made 100.4%. Electricity supply made 23 billion kW/h or 101.2%. An export of goods and services was finished ​​by 123.3%.

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Second Confucius Institute to be opened in Uzbekistan

The second Confucius Institute will be opened in Uzbekistan. This was announced at the session of sub-committee on scientific-technical cooperation of the Uzbek-Chinese intergovernmental committee on cooperation in Tashkent.

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International cooperation

His Excellency Mr. Islam Karimov The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan increases car production by 6.3%

Machinery enterprises of Uzbekistan produced goods for 6.916 trillion soums in the first half of 2014, which rose by 17.1% year-on-year, the press service of the State Statistics Committee said. (Currency rates of CB from 22.07.2014 1$= 2328.16 soums)

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A Credit of Trust

Uzbekistan is getting prepared to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of its independence. Much has been done in the country over the last year. There are hundreds of kilometers of reconstructed roads and railways, erected new houses, industrial and social facilities. These figures indicate the success of the national development strategy. Meanwhile, the country’s major political event is yet to come: the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to experts, are expected to entail a new boost of socio-political and economic development.

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Over 543,110 people applied to Uzbek universities

Over 543,110 people submitted applications to the higher educational institutions, according to the State Center for testing under the Cabinet of Ministers.

On 20 July, universities in Uzbekistan wrapped up work on accepting documents from entrants. According to the center, as of 00:30 of 21 July 2014, Uzbek universities accepted documents from 543,115 entrants, which is record number for last 23 years. The competition makes up 9.36 persons per place.

Termez State University (27,550 applications and competition – 16.3 persons per place), Jizzakh State Pedagogic Institute (22,059 and 13.45) and Andijan State University (20,803 and 14.81) were the most popular educational institutions among entrants this year.

This year, the Uzbek universities will accept 56,907 people to Bachelor degree courses, including 19,120 – on state grants and 37,787 people – on payment-contract base.

The university entry exams will take place in Uzbekistan on 1 August.