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Education in Uzbekistan

To provide the nation with qualified specialists, Uzbekistan’s leadership has been assigning a greater deal of efforts to the comprehensive development of the higher education system since the initial days of independence. Uzbekistan Today reporters have tried to build up the vector of major courses in the advancement of the university network.


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Uzbekistan stimulates production of high quality motor oils

The Government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution “On measures on organization of modern capacities of production of high quality motor oils” on 26 March 2014.

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New cement Plant opened in Uzbekistan

New cement Plant opened in Uzbekistan - Uzbekistan News In Zafarabad district of Jizzakh region was held the opening ceremony of a new Cement Plant, Pravda Vostoka reported.

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Additional terms created to develop internal tourism

The Government of Uzbekistan changed requirements to the size of the charter capital of legal entities, which want to provide service s in internal market, to boost number of internal tourists and growth of tourism share in GDP of the country.

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A Critical Step toward Bolstering the Civil Society, Democratic Renewal and Liberalization of the Legislation

The Legislative Chamber, in accordance with its Rules of Procedure, has initiated discussion of draft amendments and addenda to certain articles of the Constitution (articles32, 78, 93, 98,103 and 117), offered by President Islam Karimov.

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President Islam Karimov’s Greeting Address at the Navruz Festive Occasion


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The Position of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Situation in Ukraine and the Crimean issue


The attitude of Uzbekistan to the events in Ukraine laid out in the Statement of the Information Agency «Jahon» of March 4, 2014 remains unchanging.

The Republic of Uzbekistan, proceeding from the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and norms of international law, firmly and invariably adheres to the position on «settling the international disputes by peaceful means, refraining in international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state».

These principle targeted tasks have been reflected in the Constitutional Law «On the Concept of the Foreign Policy Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan» which defines the main priorities of our policy at the modern stage.

Uzbekistan has adhered to these principles with regard to the same international problems and intends to stick to them also in the future. Along with this, in our opinion, taking into account in the long run the hard-to-predict perspectives of the events now unfolding in Ukraine and the Crimea, and based on the century-long closeness of the Ukrainian and Russian people, historically formed commonness of spiritual and cultural values, and their economic ties the only reasonable way out is to hold the direct bilateral negotiations to seek the mutually acceptable compromise settlement of problems.

Having said that, the more time is missed, the more contradictions arise and the situation is exacerbated.

(Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Due to technical reasons the Consular Section of the Embassy will be closed on Friday March 21, 2014