The Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan invites you to participate at the IX International Biennale of Contemporary Art, which will be held from 24 to 28 October 2022 in the city of Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Can take part in the Biennale artists of various areas of contemporary art and present your work on the topic "Artist and society. Concepts of the art of the future».

In addition to the main exhibition, the biennale will host a number of artistic and cultural events, such as exhibitions, lectures and master classes, an international conference, and a tour of the cities of Uzbekistan.

All expenses of foreign participants for their stay in Uzbekistan, except for flights, will be covered by the Organizing Committee.

Applications for participation in the Biennale are accepted until September 15, 2022 by e-mail biennale.uzbekistan@gmail.com.


The Tashkent International Biennale of Modern Art has been held since 2001 under the auspices of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan in cooperation with ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, as well as Embassies and international organizations.

The purpose of the international forum is to promote interaction and exchange of artistic experience among artists and curators from many countries of the world in the field of contemporary art, to raise the cultural and intellectual level of society, youth, and to strengthen cultural ties between peoples.

In 2022, the IX International Tashkent Biennale of Modern Art will be held on October 24-28.

The theme of the Biennale is defined as "The Artist and the Society: the Concepts of the Future Art", through which it is intended to reveal the existence of the artist in modern society, constantly faced with certain restrictions, misunderstandings and overcoming boundaries. It is expected that the authors through their art works will be able to reveal the main aspects of the relationship between the creative personality and the society, dependence or various detachments from the outside world, isolation in the shell of their own aesthetic experiences.

Works by artists in all areas of modern art - painting, graphics, contemporary art, installation, pop art, digital art and many others - can participate in exhibitions within the framework of the event.

Within the framework of the Biennale, around 10 exhibitions are planned to be held. Moreover, the program includes numerous master classes, a conferences and much more.

More than 100 artists take part in the Biennale every year, with foreign artists accounting for about 30% of the participants. The 2022 Biennale is also expected to feature international artists from over 20 countries.


FOR MORE DETAILS: biennale.uzbekistan@gmail.com & embassy@usbekistan.at